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Teeth and other stuff
Green way
I knew that it would come, my teeth are is such a bad condition and my paradentitis got worse these days. They say it might be also the heat because there are so many cases of inflammation. Well, my gums suffer from strong inflammation, I use sea salt and sage for rinsing my mouth several times a day. The teeth, of course both the front ones and my important molar (crowned) are tender and got loose. I can´t bite anything and I have to cut bread in small pieces and munch it like a one hundred year granny! I know that some radical solution in inevitable but firstly my dentist is on holiday, secondly I will have to go there early in the morning, beg her and hope that she will have time to take me, and thirdly my daughter with children is coming on Monday and I really don´t want to start anything like that just now.
I managed to at least stop the worst.
And my new PC is a lovely boy but I still have some problems with uploading photos and I still can´t navigate in this different system  I took me months to manage Windows 10, now I have Windows 7 Professional  and I am often confused and manage to send thing somewhere and can´t find them. The last problem was sending my translated abstract...I saved it but it went in the wrong file and I sent something else...grrrrrr...I have to re-send it and check with my "employer" if he was able to open the attachement. Fortunately is was all right. But I am very nervous every time.
Well, I know I will manage it eventually.
Othewise all is as good as it can be and I won´t complain anymore!
For you, Rocky and Oliver! :-)

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{hugs} Teeth problems can be such a drag... I am happy because I went for my checkup this week, all good, so will send lots of all good vibes to you.

And yes, I get nervous every time I get a new computer (and I may need a new notebook soon...)

Thank you very much, any good vibes are welcome and needed. *HUGS back*

Haha, I love Ollie's new sleeping pose! And Rocky is as always a good boy! But poor you, I hope you won't have much trouble with your teeth! Teeth problem is always terrible! And good luck to you with your new PC!

Thank you , dear. I seem to be getting used to my new PC...slowly:-)
And sage is helping, not solving the problem but at least I can survive. Well, biting in bread or even apple is out of the question and will be. But I have accepted this situation.
Rocky and Ollie are darlings!

I can no longer figure out how to use Photobucket so
I must just send
BIG HUGS instead for your periodontal
Ubiquinol does wonders for it
It is a supplement the Japanese have been using it for 50 years for periodontal.
I began using it in 2001 for arrhythmia and it cleared up my periodontal too...a HUGE bonus

Oh dear, thank you very much, you are so kind - always. Well, I managed to got some relief thanks to my sage tea. I can eat carefully - it is only a temporary situation, I will end at the dentist eventually:-)
HUgs hugs hugs back!

Oh VEEE.... teeth...oh horrid horrid. I've just had my two front ones taken out by the NICEST couple of dentists ever. I wish you could come and be treated by them. I do KNOW what it's like to not be able to BITE... I can't even with my new plate with the lovely teeth stuck on, there's a sort of weakness that makes my back crawl. I too will have to carve my bread and apple and melon and anything that needs a BITE into little bits. I do feel for you, but great friends behave alike!!! Pass me the knife darling, I've a piece of cake to eat! teehee. xxxxxxx and I do feel for you, the anticipation is HORRIBLE... but I gather lots and LOTS of people come specially to the C.Rep to have operations and teeth sorted! You have a great reputation in this part of the world!

Rocky could EAT me with that mouth!!!! one lick and I'd be washed! and Ollie looks a bit concerned about the size of his tummy....teehee.

Really sorry to hear about your teeth.

It's a long shot, but have you tried inter-dental brushes? They made a big difference to me. Removed a lot of trapped food and helped my gums recover.
This kind of thing - like a tiny bottle brush.

"And my new PC is a lovely boy"

That sounds really odd to my ears. I thought you had a new dog called PC!

I've got used to pets being 'boys' and 'girls' now - when I was young, it was always dogs and bitches, but computers still seem to be 'it'.

Is this because nouns have gender in Czech?

Thank you very much for your concern. Unfortunately my parodetitis is an inherited thing from my dad who lost all his teeth at his sixties. Believe me, I was at the dental hygienist but my situation can´t be helped.

With the PC and genders, we never call a pet or ship or anything we got attached to emotionally "she". You are right, PC would be normally "it" ("to") but somehow I used a Czech "he" instead of English "she". Well, this is not very clear, is it? LOL

In English it's periodontitis. Similar word.

Ships are the exception in English. Ships, especially sailing ships are definitely 'she'. But it's a bit subjective and dependent on size, etc. eg. A rowing boat is definitely not 'she'.

Pets like dogs, cats, birds, hamsters will always be he or she depending on their actual gender, but we probably wouldn't go that far for fish (perhaps because the sex is hard to tell). If a species of fish is sexually dimorphic, then I'd use 'he' and 'she'.

I know I can use phrases like 'sexually dimorphic' with you, because you'll either make an educated guess or go and look it up. (I love the fact that you like to expand your English, rather than wanting it made easy.)

I am flattered! I am so grateful you go on encouraging my. Yes, I love a challenge and I definitely prefer it to easier ways. I hae no problem with "sexually dimorphic" mostly thanks to my basic knowledge of Latin. Ot better, to my ruins of it.LOL

Latin is a useful language as a base for many modern languages, though I'm guessing that Czech isn't one of them -which would make it much harder for you to learn.

You are right, Czech is quite different Slavic language - after all, the Roman Empire got only to our contemporary borders. :-)

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