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Computer news
Green way
It it obvious now that our ancient  table PC is finished. It is dying and it will be replaced - possibly today! Nice black rectangles began to appear on the screen, it slowed down and an IT told us - off! Well, you know what it is like to be without any connection - a sheer disaster! But my lovely son has already bought a nice, good and cheap refurbished DellOptiPlex (for those who are able to evaluate), such a small low cube! It is waiting here on my table, while I am uploading the data to a portable hard disc - my son lent it to me and showed me what to do.
It is possible though that I might not be back tomorrow ( though I know that my son is GOOD but you never know). I just only wanted you to know:-)

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Good luck! Don't be gone too long!

Hee...I am still on the old PC, waiting for my darling Jirka (George)- he is so busy!:)

Oh I hate when technical things are failing! But yay to new shiny technical things. Hope it all goes well.

Me, I came home from the convention and suddenly all my Photobucket pictures were gone. They want 400 USD per year now to show them. I need to upload them all again elsewhere and change all the links of 10 years. Not happy!

Well, I am quite helpless with computers. And - the "operation PC" had to be put off for the weekend or so because my son his occupied at work. I believe my old machine will hold though:-)

Ah, am I sorry to hear about your problems. BTW, welcome back - but I do believe you that you are not happy at all.
Good luck!

I hope your new computer would work well!

Iam pretty sure that the machine will work nicely. Hahaha - but what about me? I am afraid of new things there and I hope I will be able to learn it fast. Well, so far I have the old PC...still holding!.-)

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