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A hedgehog at the Hedgehogs in Spolí
Green way

  1. I was not able to take a picture last time but I do have older photos from a previous event. Several years ago, a hedgehog arrived to help itself with cat food we used to serve outside (Badík the labrador lived in my daughter´s house then). I went to greet him. And yes, he had fleas!:-)

But he never showed his face!

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Pity he didn't show his face!

I know...but I did try to convince him!

He looks like a perambulating scrubbing brush!!!

Hahahaha!!! But you are so right! Hahahaha - I LOVE the name!

Well... I like your scrubbing brush though I've expected the photo of a hedgehog... X)

Hahaha! You are not alone who comments like that!LOL

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