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A night visitor
Green way
I had a very funny night today. I woke up, hearing Rocky bark very loudly and uncharacteristically VIOLENT.  I looked at the alarm clock automatically - quarter past two am. Oh dear - what was going on? I am always very nervous when he is barking because of my neighbours, he is usually very good but now? I ran ouside in my night shirt. Rocky was pressed to our fence and barking and barking.Suddenlyit rang the bell! I bent down to look - oh yes, there he was, a big hedgehog, just behind the fence, clearly visible in the bright moonlight! Mind you, all dogs turn crazy seeing a hedgehog and they can bark all the time until you don´t remove it! I returned for my workign gloves and went out, leaving Rocky in the garden. Poor hedgehog turned into a big ball as soon as I took him in my hands. I coild see his black nose  in the opening, poor thing must have been scared! I hope no one was looking because they would have seen a crazy woman in a night shirt walking with something in her gloved hands a talking softly to it! I brought my totem animal to a nice bushy garden not far away and deposited it there carefully. Then I returned back - both Rocky and Oliver were waiting for me! I gave Rocky his favourite biscuit and with Ollie at my heels, I returned ih the house. Brrr, it was cold, only 10°C and I was frozen! Of  course, Ollie demanded his food too...
I climbed upstairs and jumped in bed...mmmmm...warm....and I slept nicely.
I hope the hedgehog won´t return this night (or any night) again.:-)

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Pity it was too middle of the night for you to get a photo...

Yes, this is exactly what I was thinking of...

Very, the protector of nature! Poor Rocky though, hedgehogs are very frustrating, and if you sniff them they hurt your nose.

Haha, well, Rocky was fortunately behind the fence and so he escaped unhurt. Which means that he will try to snatch the next hedgehog in his mouth because he is such an idiot. :-)
The hedgehog didn´t return back.

Ohhhh I'd like to see it!! But well done, you did a good thing! I hope it will return someday to let you take a photo of it but not too near to your garden!

Well, hedgehogs are very common here but sometimes they are very difficult around the house:-) . And they have fleas!LOL

Edited at 2017-06-16 03:13 pm (UTC)

I always try not to harm wild animals...any animals. As for a photo, I will post it, but another hedgehog!.-)

Awww. I didn't realise dogs didn't like them. Our cats don't mind at all.

We looked after a sick little one once, washing him with a solution from the vet to cure his mange. While his quills grew back, we fed him tinned cat food, and named him Edgy. We used to get letters from the vet to say that our pet "exotic" Edgy needed to come in for worm or flea treatment! He was well and living his life by then' we're sure we saw him with a young one a few months later.

Dogs are almost hysterical around hedgehogs!
Oh, you are so kind: I do believe most people like hedgehogs and take care of their safety and well being. And yes, they LOVE cat food!:-)
Well done!

I suppose we have our raccoons and possums and chipmunks and black bears, but I would like to see a hedgehog visit!

Well, haha, and of course, I would like to see your visitors :-)

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