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WINTER and my little ones:-)
I didn´t see my daughter with children before the end of the old year thanks to a virus that attacked the whole family, one after another, of course. The visit had to be put off twice. Well, you can imagine: I baked special cakes, roasted a back of young wild pig...bought fruits - twice too. All went to my son fortunately, so nothing was wasted. But!
I celebrated the last day of the old year with my friends´ family and we girls ended at the dicso and I returned back home at 5 am! We had FUN and danced all the time and I was knackered. However I had to get up after 7  because I and Rocky had a date with my brother for the traditional journey around the World ( which is an English name of a big manmade lake called World/Svět). The tourist path is about 12-15 km long depending on various directions. Well, we went! We did it and it was great, the weather was cold but sunny, the path frozen hard and Rocky could run free most of the way. However I confess that the last meters were endless for me, my legs hurt and Rocky was very surprised I was so slow!
Marta and children arrived on Monday noon - fresh cooking, of course, but most of my time was devoted to Anicka. Krystof remained glued to him mum but he can sit, crawl and also he tries to get on his feet every possible and also impossible time. No wonder he has many bruises. But he is a very solid chap(8 months) and I am sure he will walk very soon. Anicka talks almost everything and likes talking and commenting and learnes also every possible/impossible words and expressions and so we have to be very careful with talking with her around!:-)
We had great time but they had to leave on Wednesday. It appeared to be a very happy decision because  weather changed drastically !
They managed to get hole safely but then strong snowing, wild wing and frost hit. Since then, we have had Arctic cold from Siberia. The wind is the worst of all! The morning today was really cold, it dropped to almost minus 18°C, it was still minus 15 at 8 a.m. I moved Rocky to the garage early in the morning and we went for our regular walk at ten, the sun was shining and it was "only" minus 10°C.:-)
Of course I have to keep the house warm...Ollie, the clever cat, won´t leave his armchair, Rocky is happy enough after his second walk back in his "nest" outside because the temperature is still quite reasonable, minus 6°C. If it gets worse, I will move him to the garage again but he is comfortable with minus 10-11°C.
All right, no more talking, have some photos.:-)

You can see the path we always walk. This is before the snowing.

The same morning. The rising sun is kissing the trees at about 8 a.m.

Yes! The sun has risen. Rocky in his element.

Our house

Our big boy. Sorry for the red eyes, I didn´t set the flash right:-(

Our big girl.

With mum.

Krystof is not happy without his mum - not even with uncle Jirka!:-)

Granny has such a nice basket!

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Brrr yes but now it is better, only that we have had heavy snowing since yesterday afternoon.I have cleaned the white stuff twice today. But it is much better than those grey, rainy, muddy and wholly horrible days before.

Ah, I am a proud and happy granny, yes! Thank you!

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