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I knew that it would come, my teeth are is such a bad condition and my paradentitis got worse these days. They say it might be also the heat because there are so many cases of inflammation. Well, my gums suffer from strong inflammation, I use sea salt and sage for rinsing my mouth several times a day. The teeth, of course both the front ones and my important molar (crowned) are tender and got loose. I can´t bite anything and I have to cut bread in small pieces and munch it like a one hundred year granny! I know that some radical solution in inevitable but firstly my dentist is on holiday, secondly I will have to go there early in the morning, beg her and hope that she will have time to take me, and thirdly my daughter with children is coming on Monday and I really don´t want to start anything like that just now.
I managed to at least stop the worst.
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