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Disaster in Moravia

Terrible tornado hit villages of Moravia ( part of CR) and brought destruction and even death...We are shocked...
I wish I was rich and could help NOW...
This is absolutely unheard of in this scale here...
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New family member has arrived!

It is my pleasure to announce that my fourth grandchild was born yesterday after 9pm!!! It is a boy, named Jiří  - George after his dad and had 4680g.
The delivery was rather dramatic! We have had tropical temperatures and strong storms with a pressure drop  were approaching. I warned the parents because I do know too well that such conditions almost always provoke a labour. Which was exactly what happened. It was a rapid delivery and George was born in the living room - fortunately the ambulance managed to arrive on time and all was just fine. I was not there, of course (they live in trhew town) but he was excellent and did everything right. He also had to take care of little Vali AND his hysterical mother-in-law!!!
But as I said, all was well, mother and baby were taken to hospital, Vali was in her cot asleep and Jirka went to visit his wife and his son.
Now this is actually George IV  - my son´s grandfather and father were George too and my son is as well!
Today I was with Vali the whole morning, tomorrow I am going there in the afternoon and Vali is having her premiére with "babi" (granny=me) in Spolí overnight for the first time because daddy has a night job after a long time.
Of course I am a bit worried, Vali has never been without her parents alone but I do hope I will manage to keep her occupied and happy here.
And I am prepared to help like that after Kamila (mom) returns with the baby home.
Also I will post some pics soon!
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A trip to Prague - picspam

My lovely brother invited me for a short trip to Prague. The main aim was an opulent dinner but we had a nice stroll before. Prague is almost empty and its beauty can be appreciated fully. We walked up the old staircase towards the Prague Castle complex, then down and across the Charles bridge. On our way from the dinner, I could not resist taking a snap of one beautiful Art Nouveau portal decoration too...

The view of the Baroque (and Renaissance here and there) part of Prague from the staircase
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Really, this is not good, not at all. Due to a faulty North Stream Jet, the Czech republic is literally trapped in a cold and wet field. It is 21st May...we are supposed to have those romantic warm May evenings...Instead of that, the nights are often close to zero and the day temperatures won´t reach above 12 - 14°C.
What profits from this are fields and meadows, however orchards and gardens suffer and together with that poor bees and other insects, including butterflies.
Every morning I pick some bees that failed to return home and stayed overnight outside. I usually manage to save them, bringing them inside and releasing later. I also have a low lit plastic box with thick sugar water, they feed there gratefully.
And what about the youngest birds and animals!
Unfortunately, the weather forecast is not very optimistic for the whole May and they really are not sure about this summer.  We will see...
And what about your weather? And...*HUGS* to you all, my friends!!!!


I don´t know what  your weather is like - but ours is full of extremities as usual. After VERY HOT Monday and Tuesday, we are having extremely heavy rain and low temperatures with that. Why am I not surprised. Well, we need water but this rain is just so heavy...the blooming trees have been beaten and the blossoms are lying on the ground. The bees can´t feed themselves and are starving... and what about nesting birds! My lovely tulips have already collapsed and the vegetables disappeared in the mud... I was so excited by my blooming apple and plum trees, even the amelanchier bush is in full bloom now - but losing it.
We were not able to have our regular walk with Rocky and Ollie is extremely nervous, running out and in through his cat door...
The clouds have been just sitting here, releasing the water here in the south while other places have almost no precipitation. There have  been some serious floods already in several places. As usual, we rely on our Jakub Krčín water system that has been keeping us safe for centuries...
Winter in Spolí


After a long time I have to tell you how much I am tired of winter. Oh yes!
A week ago we had three exceptionally warn days that made us happy. People mostly decided that spring was definitely there. Mistake. Because winter is back.  Snowstorms, night frosts - in Spolí, which is situated in a lowland, is minus 4-5°C every night, plus 2-3 in the day. And that terribly cold strong wind, very strong and very cold. New snow in the mountains plus problems on the roads.
So back to winter clothes, heating and no gardening. I have to cover my peonies against the frost and I hope that my young plum trees will not be damaged beacuse they were about to bloom - two of them for the first time.
They promise warmer weekend and then cold again. Will it never end?