Easter cakes and weather
Easter was at the sign of changing weather - a deep drop from almost summer warmth to December-like times. But also at the sign of baking, egg dying, wassailing gangs of children with their long plaited willow rods and "Big Meeting of Fathers" in our local pub.:-)
This year, in spite of bad weather, there were more than 30 children of all ages and genders, coming for their treats (eggs boiled or cholocate and whatever yummy including chewing gum). I had really a PILE of treats and all went to the baskets! Also I heard tens of Easter songs/poems and received some traditional beating to be healthy.:-)
Here at least examples of my baking:
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LJ 18th anniversary
Finally found it thanks to reapermum:-)

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Costume from Doudleby
Sorry, I skipped the costume:

Spring events in Trebon part 2
There is a lovely Renaissance castle/chateau in Třeboň. This used to be a residence of the mighty family of Rosenbergs - with a red wild rose in their arm-of- coats. And there was an exquisite exhibition of local and Italian (borrowed from other places) Renaissance artefacts AND breathtaking floral decoration, mostly Amaryllis, Lillis and roses. Taking photos was alowed, so I have this for you:
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1Spring events in Třeboň/Trebon part 1
Saturday rewarded us with decent weather, 12° and no rain nor snow. I went to Trebon because my friend Marcela told me about the first spring  market in the square and the "Amaryllis in the chateau" exhibiton. The market was nice, traditional craft, very nice handmade things from pottery to knitting. I asked for permission and took some photos for you. There was also a performance of a folk music and dances from one of the rare places where the costumes are still alive - Doudleby (little town here in the south) and the girls were wearing them.
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Happy Birthday, quarryquest !!!!!

Do you also have such crazy weather? Last week we experienced a very unexpected spell of SUMMER daily temperatures. Sunny, over 20°C. Out of the blue. You can imagine what can several days do with the vegetation: In three days the grass is green, there are big green buds on the trees and apricot and peach trees are blooming...all too soon, of course. Because this is not natural. Of course, the punishment has already begun. Again, equally abruptly, it turned cold, it is snowing on the moutains and they warn against morning frosts. Well, it looks that we will have no pears or apricots again. Fortunately the apple trees have still only small buds, they might survive. This happened last year too.
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Busy time
I haven´t posted for a long time and now I neglect even commenting on my friends´ post. Because it is a season of diploma and bachelor theses. I have a contract with a small firm that prepares the theses for print and they looked for someone who would translate abstracts/summaries for them. Why not... actually it is a challenge for me plus some money too. Some topics are really crazy - from health to financial market. But this you already know. Just this week I keep receiving three translations a day with very tight time for sending it back. And in the same time, the weather is warm and my garden needs me...my dog wants his walks...my students move their lessons and two young school boys need to consult their English homework with me...my mom expects me to make a sponge roll with apricot jam for her...well, you can imagine. I am not complaining, not at all, but I want you know in case I don´t manage to comment . I am reading your post always!!!

Borrowed from Rubyelf - seriously, it was tempting, hahaha!
1. You can ONLY answer Yes or No.
2. You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages or comments you and asks. -- and believe me, the temptation to explain some of these will be overwhelming. Nothing is exactly as it seems!
3. Copy and paste this into your LJ, delete my answers, type in your answers and tag all your friends.

Kissed any one of your Livejournal friends? Yes
Been arrested? No
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Slept in until 5 PM? No
Fallen asleep at work/school? Yes
Held a snake? Yes
Ran a red light? No
Been suspended from school? No
Experienced love at first sight? No
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Been in a vehicle at more than 100 mph? Yes
Driven a vehicle at more than 100 mph?No
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Do you really think others will be interested in this? Yes!

Great trip
Thank you for all your kind comments!
The trip to Bad Fussing was great. It was raining and cold and windy but the thermal pools were warm and there was enough activities for us to get exhausted pleasantly in the open air. The water has healing qualities, the hot springs has lots fo sulphur but there is no smell, it is filtered. Definitely worth the price. We had fun and now I am about to jump in my bed - I am soaked properly!:-)



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