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Lovely exhibition picspam
winter forest
Today I travelled to the town to see an exhibition of orchids, succulents and cactusses. I must say that the organisers and providers of the exhibition items did a great job! I took some pictures for you.


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Ooooo, what a beautiful exhibition. And such good photos too.

Thank you! I didn´t want to leave, this was a feast of colours and shapes. Not big, two rooms, but the arrangements were excellent.

Amazing! Our conservatory in Pittsburgh has a whole orchid room and I don't think they have this many!

Thanks! This is an annual exhibition and the plants are lent by private growers who are concentrated in various societes. I wonder how they recognise their plants, they must have some names on the pots but those Tillandsias are just flying freely everywhere...
I was really delighted. I have some orchids at home too - and one of these rare ones too - and it is about to open the blossom!!! I will take a photo or two. I bought this plant for a reidiculous price because hey wanted to throw it away after finishing blooming, it was a price of a loaf of bread! And now - yay!:-)

I do hope they all survived at the change of air/temperatures etc. as I know Orchids are a bit 'fussy' about their surroundings. But woweeee aren't they just magnificent.

I hope everyone got their own babies back!

How generous of them to share this idea.

Oh, they took a special care of these beauties.The most precious ones are in glass cases with a specific climate conditions.
You should see all these people - they are there every day, dance around their darlings and proudly talk about them.
Yes, they are very generous and they make lots lots of people happy. :-)

Very impressive!! And I'm glad that you had a nice day! :)

Those really are rather lovely. I notice that Cambridge Botanic Garden is doing something similar next week so I shall have to have a trip over.

Youo should know that I thought of you:-), I always remember your fantastic pictures of orchids and other exotic plants and flowers from the Kew:-)
I hope you will be able to visit Cambridge!

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