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Spring teaser
winter forest
Well, I believe this is the best expression for what we had on Sunday! From severe freezing we jumped straight in spring! Sun! PLUS 6°C! Birds singing, also some bees appeared on the warm southern wall and flies. Every creature behaved like crazy, including me, Rocky and Ollie. Well, Ollie was the craziest one, running here and there and back again.
I felt like digging in the flowerbeds or cleaning the garden  - how stupid! The ground is frozen deeply and apart from several patches, there is still snow everywhere. True, it was thawing rapidly, tiny streams of water were running on the frozen ground, but one such a day could not change anything.
Still, after about 30 minutes of sitting in the sun with Rocky trying to climb on my lap, I decided to do something useful. I took my shears and I began pruning the apple trees and currant  with relish. I really enjoyed myself, it was easy because I have only small young trees.
Then I had a mug of coffee...mmmm!
Of course I walked my dog but oh oh, I had a problem: the snow was wet and if you walk in 20 - 30 cm of that, you just stumble and slip and in no time you are exhausted. Rocky was happy enough, running and kicking the wet snow around. Of course he was soaked on his belly and legs but he didn´t mind it. When we got back home, I was tired as if I was running the marathon.  I had to change Rocky´s old blanket  from his "nest" for a dry one in the evening but Rocky himself was dry.
Well, and today winter is back with the sleet and temperature goes down steadily again. We have been warned against a new wave of Arctic days and nights and this is supposed to last till the end of February. Oh dear. And I have aready decided that spring is here! Well, so be  it...

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You know, that reminds me... many years ago - late 1800s some time - there was a hard winter and the River Tay was frozen over (at a point where it's actually tidal). Apparently one morning several men walked across it at a fairly narrow point, and several hours later when they decided to go home the ice had melted and they had to go upriver several miles to the neatest bridge. The temperature had risen during the day by about 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The story was well authenticated, so I don't think it was just a tale told to impress.

Yes, this I believe - I can remember the Malshe river in our regional capital Cesko Budejovice often frozen over when I was a child - we could skate on it safely several kilometres and the river was crowded! But there are hiden streams that work under the ice and they can bring warmer water and that is that, you never know. Especiall with such a change in temperature! I bet they were not happy but at least nothing worse happened.

What lovely photos! Rocky is so handsome and Ollie looks like he's enjoying the good life. :^)

Aaawww, thank you very much! Both my partners here are sending their wet kisses to you!:-)

Well... it's good that at least you enjoyed the precious spring-like day!
Ollie seems to know the best place to hide always X)

Yes, you are right: I enjoyed the day and Ollie loves his tunnel:-)

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