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Sunshine still exists!
winter forest
Today at noon, after days and days of cold, grey, ugly, depressing and freezing inversion, the sun appeared! What a relief! What a joy! When I walked Rocky at 8 a.m., it was still dark, foggy and cold wind tried to get under Rocky´s fur and my winter jacket.
But at half past twelve, I was already at my brother´s house (2 km from Spolí) because he invited me for a true crosscountry skiing session!
Mind you, I haven´t skied for at least 10 years and I felt clumsy but very soon I had it back. :-) My brother Petr is almost 71 but he keeps fit and I had to work hard to keep up with him.
There was a route made partly by Petr, partly by other skiers. The sky was blue, white snow was glittering, the sun was bright and we really enjoyed ourselves.
Of course my legs hurt a little...I had to walk Rocky after our skiing too.:-)
I took some pics for you because the landscape was really wonderful!

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Wow. I'm impressed at how sporty both you and your brother are. You've got a lot of snow there, but at least you are putting it to good use!

My brother is the sporty one, I am a lazybones:-).
We used to have such winter normally about 30-20 years ago and this year everyone was surprised! People forgot completely. The skiers got used to going to the Alps or the Tatras and suddenly, snow everywhere!:-)
And also the lakes and fishponds are frozen and changed into skating rinks, especially children are there every day until the dark falls.
Of course, today the inversion is back and together with it some thaw with rain and blac ice and all connected problems...We´ll see.

Wow, beautiful clear weather and bright snow! I'm very impressed that you're able to ski, I suppose it's more common in places where it snows more often. I have actually never been to the snow myself.

Ah, dear, I am a very poor skier!:-) But skiing is a very popular sport here, yould see babies who can barely walk and they go down the slope fearlessly and very professionally! There was no one in our family who would be interested in skiing and so "jogging" with the skis was the only possibility for me. But I like it:-)
I am sure you would be able to learn this very fast:-)

Blue skies! And you can tell it's cold by that shine on the top of the snow...

I tried cross-country skiing before but it was hard work! Downhill skiing was more exciting for kids.

Yes, you are right, the sun was shining but it was still minus 5°C. However I was hot and had to remove my cap and heavy gloves and open my jacket and, hahaha, I was also breathing like a dog after a run, but all this time. My brother though was at ease - he goes to the fitness centre regularly, he really doesn´t look his age:-)
Downhill skiing I never mastered,yes, it is more exciting but we don´t have any slopes here and my parents never had a car to go somewhere. However cross-country enables you to see the wildlife and lovely things if you are not very noisy.:-)

Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing this scenery with us!!
And I'm glad to know you enjoyed this wonderful blue & white day with your brother :)

Ah, thank you very much!
I a really very glad I could go yesterday, today the grey clouds and fog are back and the wind like a knife - very unpleasant. What a difference!

That is such a good way to get out and about on snow. And that is crunchy snow, as Ruby says, it GLINTS... But what a super exercise using all your limbs (and your Lungs) I'd love to do it, it looks such a sensible way to travel in snow.!!!

LOVELY lovely scenery and so CLEAR!!

Bless love, bless. xxx and xxx etc. teehee.

I felt like a battery that is re-charging, yes!
And crunchy and yummy too - I could not resist eating some:-)
I am glad you liked it!!!XXXand MORE!

Lovely photos of a beautiful day, and your brother is lovely, too. :^)

Thank you very much!
Why, I will tell him:-) . Because he is!

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