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True January
winter forest
The name of the month January is "The Icy One" in Czech (Leden). And truly it is! We have had lots of snow and freezing all the time, day and night. Nights and especially early mornings are the worse. I did write here about minus 18°C several days ago. Well, there are several equally cold days and nights ahead! I am not happy about that - not because of me, I don´t mind it really because I am safe and warm at home - but because of Rocky. I know how exhausting the frost can be, especially when it lasts 24 hours and every day! Well, Rocky has a garage with a nice nest overnight but...We would all welcome some relief, friendlier temperatures. At least the days are getting longer, slowly, slowly.
But I really relly really look forward to having spring back.
Ollie enjoys being at home but he also likes chasing birds outside. I have lots of small birds and several black birds - these are very aggressive, they fight over apples I leave for them, silly birds spend time fighting and the apples are just lying there! There are sunflower seeds everywhere and special balls of fat with seeds hanging here and there. I caught Rocky once, he jumped and tore one ball down and ate it. Since then, I hang the balls as high as possible because Rocky is a very good jumper!
I went to Trebon town on Monday and it was horrible. The road from Spolí to the town is one big ice. They did spread some gravel on it but the cars shifted it all to the sides. And the small stones also tend to damage the windshield! It is so dangerous, the road is narrow and you can´t see the ditch because of the snowdrifts and it is so slippery. It is because that area is the Protected Area and all chemicals are forbidden. Of course it is right but driving there is a horror for me. I managed it there and back, very slowly and carefully, all the shopping done, especially bread. Now I have to keep at least a half of the loaf in the freezer because our shop in the village was closed in September.
It is "only" minus 5°C at present but it can change later. I am ready to get up and collect Rocky if the temperature is more than minus 10°C - any time in the night.
I hope you are all safe - in both the hemispheres!

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Oh, that Rocky! So athletic!

Stay safe in this freezing cold. I'm using plenty of sunscreen here, haha.

Haha, I told him and he was waggling his tail happily, smiling! He likes being flattered!

Wellll...I wish we could swap our places for a day...Mind you, if the sun is shining, everything is glittering, crystal clear, beautiful - this is that better side of our winter. The other one...eeeeee!:-)

I don't think those fat balls are very good for dogs...

We've had it cold(ish) but nothing like your temperatures. Stay warm!

My idiotic dog had a quick case of bad digestion, of course:-) Now he can´t reach these balls.

Thank you. We have planned to saw a new supply of firewood with my son, the consuption is really big. We will have to work in that cold but the work will warm us. Not the feet though:-(
You should see my birds - they are wonderful!

We are getting the cold blast from you this week... reallyl cold with the wind chill. minus 21 they say, I've not been out this morning yet, but the sun is GLORIOUS and warm on me as it is pouring through the window. (I must wash the floor, the sun is emphasising the scuffs and bits... teehee)

Stay well, warm and don't hurt your back heaving logs!! XXXXXXXXX

The cold is here. The night sky is like a velvet with lots of diamonds...and the temperature is dropping steadily. OF COURSE my propan-butan bomb decided to be empty...I started cooking for Rocky and no gas. Mind you, I have a gas stove combined with an electric oven - a perfect invention! I still use 10 kg bombs, is is easy for me (so far) to exchange it and relatively cheap and one lasts 3 months and I am independent!
But as usual, I have to work on it in a freezing night, what else!LOL
I hope we will have some sun tomorrow and I hope we will be able to work on that firewood:-) BTW Rocky is in the garage and you should see him - it was a beeline there!:-)
Good night, xxxandxxx and xxx

It's really not right that all the little shops in villages are closing! It's the same over here. Not everyone has a car, especially elderly people. They invented a bench now where you can sit and wait if a friendly neighbour is taking you to the next town (as busses are very rare also).

Would online shopping be a possibility? Letting the groceries deliver to the door? Might be expensive though.

So you too...this is one of the steps back for us villagers!
I believe if I needed something basic, my friends would help. But I do like shopping!:-)
Shopping online has started but only in bigger towns and yes, IT IS EXPENSIVE!

It is a big problem that all the young people go away to West Germany for work and only elderly people are left in the villages. The schools and kindergartens close, the bank office, the supermarket. Nothing is left. Once a week the bakery car and the butcher car comes, and if you want something special you can order it for the next week.

Sounds soooo severe! Please stay warm and safe with Rocky & OlLie.

Thank you! Ollie is a clever cat, he won´t go out in such freezing cold. Rocky has his "garage hotel" prepared and I will move him there this night because the temperature keeps dropping - it is minus 9°C now at 6 P.M.!
But you should see our ice-hockey players, both children and adults, skating on our small lake in front of our house. They are still there, they don´t mind the dark or the frost! There is a suitable lamp of public lightning, it is enough for them the play or just skate:-)

I have a small crack in my car windshield right now from someone's tires throwing gravel at me! Right now we're having a bit of a heat wave here... rain instead of snow, and the ice has all melted!

Cracked windshield is bad, I hope you can still drive with that. Here a new one is a very expensive stuff!
Isn´t the weather crazy? We have had two weeks of heavy frost and the forecast says that this will last till the end of January. I prefer frost to rain in winter, no doubt about that. But enough is enough...the best winter temperatures are up to minus 10°C, no more!
Well, as if I could order them, hahahaha!
HUgs hugs hugs!

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