The International Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad) Film Festival is over
Green way
I can´t resist because the festival was a big success. Especially for Jeremy Renner fans (yes!!!) a very nice award for him and he also became the most favourite actor.
But you can see more here in the video. The moderator of the festival Marek Eben is our beloved man, very modest but witty, clever, funny, pleasant and ...everything nice.
You can see him before Jeremy Renner.

I am not interested in such events but this happened to be the Czech event and I just wanted you to know. Not only Oscar, hahahaha!

Green way
Yes!Yes! The change is unbelievable! It is FAST and silent  and small. Of course I have to adapt myself to different design on the screen but I believe it will be no problem. My son Jirka arrived in the afternoon and installed it. I was only staring...he is not a professional but he was playing on the keyboard like a pianist.
I hope all will be well. Believe me, I am so happy, I was afraid I might have lost you. But I am back, hurrah!
*Hugs for all my friends*  *****


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